Support from tutors familiar with both the US and UK education systems

Many US K-12 private schools require applicants to take the ISEE or SSAT. These exams can be a real challenge for students outside of the US education system as the content and format of these exams can be quite different to what and how an international student is used to studying.

At Open Book Education, we specialize in tuition for UK-based students taking these tests, so our tutors not only know what material is covered on each test, but also what material isn’t covered in the UK and how to efficiently address those gaps. Our tutors have years of tutoring experience, outstanding track records of student improvement and achievement, and we can help you to choose whether to take the ISEE or SSAT, if needed.

As with any standardized exam, the best preparation combines test strategies with extensive practice. Our tutors will help you recognize patterns in question types, teach you techniques to increase your speed and improve accuracy, and analyse your mistakes to bump up your score. Our tutors will pass on outstanding problem-solving and test-taking skills to support students in these tests and beyond.

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